Comedyhuis Club @ Kargadoor Utrecht betekent elke week stand-up comedy in Utrecht!

Utrecht was always a wonderful town to live in, with plenty of places to catch a movie or drink a cold beer. The only thing the city was missing? A proper comedy club. Well, since september 2016, Utrecht is now officially a real city with a real stand-up comedy club: the Comedyhuis Club @ Kargadoor at Oudegracht 36.

The grand opening of the Comedyhuis Club in september meant the start of a very fun year for Utrecht. Because now people looking for a laugh have a place to go every Tuesday and Saturday. On Tuesday it’s time for the open mic, with new jokes and new talented stand-up comedians. The Saturday is reserved for the professionals during our showcase shows, full of the best stand-up comedy The Netherlands has to offer.

Most comedy shows are in Dutch but there are regular English shows as well. There is also the possibility to rent out the Comedyhuis Club for a private party or (English) show. This isn’t as expensive as it sound (we pretty much work for peanuts) and is a great idea for any Christmas party, work-outing, company get-away, birthday party, bachelor/stag/hen party or other social outing you are planning. Why don’t you contact us and we’ll happily put something together!

The Comedyhuis Club is run by the Comedyhuis in Utrecht. The Comedyhuis is a stand-up comedy group consisting of the following comedians: Jeroen Pater, Lambert-Jan Koops, Jurg van Ginkel, Hank, Vanessa Jorissen, Felix Heezemans, Soula Notos, Ronald Smink, Hassan el Rahaui, Hans Gommer en Frans van der Groen.

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