The Comedyhuis has been helping Dutch comedians become funnier, smarter and better performers for more than 10 years now. So it’s kind of odd that we never opened our doors to our English speaking brothers and sisters. Especially because the Comedyhuis is uniquely versed in the world of English-language stand-up comedy as the people behind the only comedy club in Utrecht also organise the yearly Utrecht International Comedy Festival (UICF). This is the biggest stand-up comedyfestival of the Netherlands and has been going strong for close to 10 years now.

This is why the Comedyhuis is now offering English-language stand-up comedy classes in Utrecht. These classes feature experienced comedians who will teach you the ground rules of joke structures, show you how to structure a comedy performance and help you to finetune a whopping 10 minutes that will have the audience rolling in the aisles. We offer a 7 week course (one night a week) for beginners, which ends in a real comedy show in front of a live audience.

The Comedyhuis stand-up comedy classes are a fun way to get to know a new activity and art form. But it’s also recommended for the more experienced performer as our teachers will be able to work with you based on what you require. Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us for some more information!

De Comedyhuis Cursus wordt gegeven door ervaren docenten zoals comedian Lambert-Jan Koops.

7-Week Course

The 7 Week Comedy Course is our most important comedy class which we have been running for close to ten years now. During this course you will start with the ground rules and theories of stand-up comedy before progressing to structuring a performance and learning theatrical ways to finetune your show to maximise laughs.

The course ends with a real stand-up comedy show where you will perform in front of friends, family and strangers.

Whether you want to find out if comedy is for you, or you have been performing for some time now and are struggling to break through to the next level: this stand-up comedy class will help you to reach your full potential as a comedy performer.


Because of the coronavirus we’re annoucning comedy classes on a case by case basis. There will be classes after the ones announced. Please contact us if you’re interested.

(November/December 2020)

Thursday November 5, 12, 19, 26 and Thursday December 3, 10, 17
Final show: Tuesday December 22


Bronze: 295,00 euro (incl. VAT)
(or 225,00 euro with CJP/student-discount)

All the basics you need for a start in the world of live stand-up comedy…

The Bronze packet is good for seven classes + one final show + a free ticket for the final show so a friend or family member can come watch + a digital (.pdf) version of our comedy reader full of background theory and nifty tricks and secrets on performing stand-up comedy


Silver-packet 305,00 euro (incl. VAT)
(or 237,50 euro with CJP-/student-discount)

The standard packet with some nice littles bonuses to make life a little more fun…

7 weeks of classes
1 final show
1 x free ticket for the final show
1 x digital version (.pdf) of our comedy reader full of comedy theory and secrets
1 x discount code for the Utrecht International Comedy Festival (worth almost 10 euro)


Gold-packet worth 325,00 euro (incl. VAT)
or 249,00 euro (with CJP-/student-discount)

The perfect start for a seriously smooth start in stand-up comedyland…

7 weeks of classes
1 final show
1 free ticket for the final show so a family member/friend can come watch
1 hardcopy  of our omedyreader full of comedytheory and nifty tips and tricks (worth 10,00 euro)
1 x ticket for the Utrecht International Comedy Festival (worth almost 40 euro)
4 x discount-code for the Utrecht International Comedy Festival (worth  almost 30 euro)

Your advantage: 70 euro



Jeroen Pater has more than 20 years of stand-up comedy experience in The Netherlands, Scotland, Luxembourg and Belgium. From the smallest café to 5000 people at Lowlands Festival: this is a man who knows how to play the room as it is dealt.

Patrick Meijer - Stand-Up Comedy Cursus Comedyhuis Utrecht


The comedy of Patrick Meijer is steeped in absurdism and never going for the easy joke. Meijer is uniquely capable of showing beginning stand-up comedians which possible angles in their material they’ve overlooked. He also has more than 20 years experience in performing so he speaks from experience when he teaches.


Lambert-Jan Koops has been doing comedy since the beginning of this century and has toured with several one-man shows. Koops is well-versed in the theory behind comedy: why do some jokes work whilst others fall flat? And how can the placement of a single word make a crowd burst into laughter?


Soula Notos is a comedian and storyteller and has toured Europe with her one woman show. An experienced performer who knows how to inject human warmth in a clinical framework of clever jokes and oneliners, she has a lot to say about performance and finding your character on stage.


Several previous participants of the Comedyhuis comedy classes have gone on to great things. Kasper van der Laan is now a critic’s darling who is touring sold-out shows in theatres, Gerthein Boersma is a comedy writer for tv, Hassan el Rahaui is about to debut his one man show, etc. etc. This is what one old-participant of our Summercourse says:

I had wanted to do stand-up comedy for many years but it always seemed unattainable. As being funny amongst your friends is something completely different to being funny on stage. The Summercourse of the Comedyhuis helped me get the confidence I needed in a very pleasant way. The teachers made me feel safe to take my first steps on the comedy stage. I learned a lot and now perform regularly and have a lot of fun doing so!

Harry Hol, participant Comedyhuis comedy class